What Do I Require From My Video Production Company ?

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I am Hernán Peréz, freelance Director of Photography, Cameraman and Time Lapse Specialist. I offer all my creativity and experience gained over 19 years to bring your concept to life. My award winning production services in Spain will move you from idea to audio-visual product, smoothly and professionally. Stop In Motion make your concept reality.
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“I am ready to hire a corporate video production company in Spain to promote my business but because it is my first time, there are certain things I am not sure about. In particular, I have doubts over how to choose the right video production company and how to determine what my specific requirements are.”

Questions like these are only some of the commonly raised issues brought to me by my clients. To address these and similar concerns and help provide my clients with a better look into the world of producing corporate video, I present this article as an easy to read list of Frequently Asked Questions. I hope it proves to be useful to some of you, so enjoy!

A Putting Your Trust Into a Company

Client: How can I decide to put my trust into your company over another?

The best answer to this is to base your trust on the satisfaction of customers who have already worked with StopInMotion, and the quality of results accomplished. These two factors are the best guarantees of any company’s responsibility and seriousness, and provide a good measure of clients’ confidence in a company.

B | Is the quality of the company’s work proportional to the detailed budget they have offered me?

I would like to be given a detailed budget of my project, but I cannot determine what the various stages of the project are and why each stage is priced the way that it is.

When defining any project, StopInMotion likes to describe in detail each phase of production. It is important to me that the client has a clear understanding of each of these phases and am happy to answer any questions that they ask.

video production service spain (valencia, madrid, barcelona)C | Working with professional staff and the latest video technology.

This video will represent the image of my company, so I want to make sure I work with professionals who can offer me the latest video trends and who work with the highest quality audiovisual technical equipment.

StopInMotion has a highly technical staff with extensive experience in the sector. I collaborate with professionals and translators for productions that require broadcasting, and have collaborated with some of the most prestigious recording studios. It is important that a client be satisfied with the quality of work provided to them, so do not hesitate to speak to your video production service providers to ensure this. Latest audiovisual technology is guaranteed for those who request it.

D | I would like you to get to know me and advice me – you are the experts

I often find it difficult to distinguish whether what I need is a corporate video, an industrial video, a report or something else entirely. My producer should be able to clarify any doubts I have and advise me on what the best solution to my requirements is.

I want to provide my clients with the exact video production service that they need, as I find that sometimes 5 minutes of video can effectively say more than 30 minutes of the same thing. StopInMotion believes that “Speaking People Understand” and hence start any production after devoting the right amount of time to each client to first determine what they need and to then clarify any doubts they may have about the tailored services they are about to hire.tv production companies spain (valencia, madrid, barcelona)

Furthermore, I make sure to renew periodically the Articles section of my website so that my clients can be up-to-date on any developments in the production, technological and audiovosual sector in general.

E | I would like to be heard.

I would like to contribute with my ideas and to share in the creative process, but by taking on board the advice of specialists.

StopInMotion knows that the client is the special focus and priority of any project and is hence the star of production meetings. I make sure to listen to client ideas, proposals and suggestions not only at the beginning of the project but also by setting pre-specified dates that list various meetings points where you can monitor project development and evolution.

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