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I am Hernán Peréz, freelance Director of Photography, Cameraman and Time Lapse Specialist. I offer all my creativity and experience gained over 19 years to bring your concept to life. My award winning production services in Spain will move you from idea to audio-visual product, smoothly and professionally. Stop In Motion make your concept reality.

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production services spain (valencia, madrid, barcelona)

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Do you need to create highly competitive and effective audiovisuals? Look no further, here is all you need to know in order to put together a great, successful corporate video right for your marketplace.

Key points of the corporate video

I’ll show you everything a good corporate video needs to disassociate the rest have impact the public hearing to receive your company or business.

The public

What you produce can be done very carefully or very shockingly, but approach the wrong sector of the public and you will get absolutely no kind of success. Offer people what they do not need or are not interested in and then your company will be poorly received.

production company spain (valencia, madrid, barcelona)


It is important that you create a strong story-line around what your company wants to communicate. To do this, you must create a motivational argument that makes the viewer empathize with your company and its needs, in turn making these needs also the viewer’s objectives. Remember to arouse emotion, making those who view your corporate video excited about what they see.


Another fundamental pillar. It is essential that the message of your promotional video is clear and powerful, that it says something more than everyone else and that this gains attention.


Although there are original structures that sometimes succeed, the truth is that simple is best. The formula that never fails starts with a small introduction displaying the goal the video is aiming to achieve, goes on to develop the content, then qualifies this with the impact of an unforgettable ending. “Production Service Spain and Production Company Spain” we offer everything you need for your productions.


In your video every detail can be your success. In order to keep a handle on all respects of every stage, proper organisation is essential.
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You must create dynamic images and sounds, so that your video’s pace is light, quick and entertaining. Scenes, message, audio… All aspects of corporate video must be energized to keep the customer alert.


Creativity is essential. Research the plans, scenarios, camera shots… For post-production you can highlight with 3D editing or graphics galore to create a greater visual appeal.

Going Viral

Producing strong creative content capable of going viral is key in the current market place. In reality, the massive diffusion of audio-visual content brings with it competition; going viral ensures success in whichever sector you want to compete in.


Another indispensable pillar today. Competitive prices from audio-visual producers can no longer be an excuse for sacrificing quality. It goes without saying that good, precise recording equipment is required to record perfect images, that actors and other professionals who are at the top of their game are needed, as is a campaign marketing professional who can enable effective ‘viralisation’ of the audio-visuals produced and a group of writers able to bring emotion to life and translate the message desired by the company.

In essence, this is all you need for a good corporate video to succeed. Use this information to create your company’s best audio-visual content and leave everyone speechless.

What Next?

If your company lacks an in house audio-visual department trust your creative audio-visual content to this experienced production company Spain. Hernan Perez will use his experience from production services Spain and worldwide to bring your corporate vision to life.


Hernán pérez | production services company Spain in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and Mallorca.

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