The Role of the Dir. of Photography and the Camera Operator in the Importance of Lighting

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Director of Photography and (ENG) Cameraman Operator in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid (Spain)


The Importance of Lighting

Light is one of the main constituents in them making of a video. Thus, the direction and intensity of incidence will help determine the quality of the final picture. Lighting is paramount if a final image is going to really stand out.

There are a few basic rules to follow when you are setting up a lighting scene. You need to know what you want and how it should look. The shooting schedule also needs to be tightly regulated, so that the lighting plays a pivotal role in any performance.

Lighting Cameraman operator Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, SpainTherefore it should take into account a number of basic rules of lighting scene, for show what you want and how you want, as long as tight as possible to the initial shooting schedule.

In film/video production a camera operator should have the relevant skills in order to illuminate a scene adequately and get the best from the space provided. Moreover, the director of photography plays a pivotal role in exactly how light will be used in the video production because they decide on how best to use the angles, lighting and space.

Goals for Effective Lighting

(1) Video cameras must be set up to capture the best quality images possible
(2) Make sure adequate light is available irrespective of the position of the camera
(3) Make sure a flat image creates an illusion of a shape being three-dimensional
(4) Attractive visual effects are also necessary in order to make the lighting work best for the situation.

Other Factors You Should Take Into Account

With the colour temperature parameter, the exact colour shown is determined by the existing white light spectrum at the scene. This is in comparison to the light which casts or generates a black body.cameraman Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid (Spain) - Hernan Perez

Playing around with the amount of emitted light is also important, as it may illuminate certain areas of an image more than others. The aim with lighting is to create a intimate space where light is evenly distributed. A lighting cameraman should be able to achieve this effect by ensuring the light illuminates the desired spaces.

Dependent on the incidence of light on certain bodies, shadows will be shown towards one side; therefore, it is important to know in advance where an actor or a presenter will be stood. It is also important to understand where the location of objects are, so the lighting can be taken into account. A director of photography and (ENG) camera operator have key roles in ensuring the incidence of light is done properly.

Quality should also be taken into account, as the hardness or softness of light impacts on the shadows. A harsh light is often more intense, but encouraging good lighting means crisp, dark shadows.

Basic Triangular Lighting

Once the location of the subject, its orientation and position are finalized, the triangle of light can be formed.

The hard light is generated in order to master the subject, which is often placed at the top of a chamber between the angles of 15 and 45 degrees. Afterwards, the fill light (softer light) is introduced in order to reduce the shadows cast by the dominant light. Backlights are then used to give volume to a scene.


Hernán pérez | Director of Photography Spain and ENG Cameraman in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid.

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