ENGLISH CV Hernán Pérez

Cameraman Barcelona and Madrid            

Date of birth: 11th April 1978. Nationality: Spanish (Valencia).

Driving License and Advance Diving License.

Phone: 0034-616101747

Skype: Hernanik

E-Mail: hernan@stopinmotion.com

Web/Demos: www.stopinmotion.com

Company Site: www.crewinmotion.com


I have 18 years of experience as a Director of Photography and Cameraman/Director.
Thanks to experience working on international companies during three years in London, I have been focusing my career towards international projects. Thanx to that I have been working in more than 85 cities around the world. 

I am specialized in documentaries and Reality TV. In my daily basis I also work for commercials such as Pepsi, Revlon or Scalextric and corporate videos for big brand such as Grifols, La Caixa or RIU.

I have been awarded by the EMMYS with the reality show Survivor and AL JAZEERA with a documentary Corredors de fons.

Since last 8 years i have been shooting motion control Time Lapse. I own a 3 axes motion control 4k system, that always gives the special touch to the productions in which I work for.

My latest jobs have been 3 seasons of Top Chef Spain as a DP, 10 Seasons for the international show Pekin Express, and Pollution as a Director and concept creator. 

No matter how you hire me, Director, Director of Photography or Cameraman I always will do my best to provide you experience, creativity and the assurance that you will have what you need when you arrive to post.

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Top Chef – Boomerang – España

3 seasons as a Director of photography for the prime time show. The studio and outdoors are the scenarios were the show take place.

Future Impact – Madrid – Spain

Director and director of Photography for the series of video art films.

Zanskar – Madrid – Spain

Camera operator for documentary about David Muñoz, famous spanish chef awarded with 3 Michelin Stars.

 Trimble – Huelva – Spain

Director for the corporate video for the American dron company.

Goodgate – Barcelona – Spain

Camera operator for Mark Knopfler live show documentary

TeleMadrid – 40 grados norte – Spain

Reality show about nature shot in Madrid’s mountains.

Pekin Express – Echo Line/Boomerang – Internacional

10 Seasons as a beauties cameraman/timelapser for the reality show. I have been working for the French, Spanish, Italian, and other seasons in locations such as:  Vietnam, Camboya, Laos, Thailandia, Myanmar, Singapur, Malasia, Australia, Korea, Filipinas, Sud Africa, Kenia, and some more.


PEPSI – Freuds – Barcelona

Camera Operator for the PEPSI campaign with the football player MESSI. 

Top Chef – Boomerang – España

Director of photography for the show.

Tu Tiempo – Antena 3

Realización de cabecera y cortinillas. Beauty & Timelapse



Grifols / Making – USA

Director of Photography for the corporate video of the big pharmaceutical company.

 Top Cheff – Boomerang – Spain

Beauty & Timelapse for the cooking show.

Master Cheff – Shine – Spain

Timelapse for the cooking show (watch demo).

Pekin Express – Kanakna – Worldwide

8 seasons shooting for the adventure reality show. The first four as a Hitch Hike cameraman, the following as a Beauty&TimeLapse cameraman. Locations in China, Southeast, USA, Cuba, Australia, Korea, India etc. 10000km race for ten couples, with only one euro per day. (watch my best sequence!).




Revlon / Making Off – Barcelona       

Director of photography for Revlon commercials

 Expedición Imposible / Boomerang – Morroco

Time Lapses and Beauty shots for the show.

Pesadilla en la cocina – Eyeworks – Madrid

Time Lapses for the opening titles of the show “Hells kitchen” (watch demo)

Euronews – Barcelona – Madrid – Valencia

Cameraman correspondent for the Spanish territory. (watch demo)

Histeria Prod – Madrid

Director of photography for the Christmas campaign commercial (watch demo)



Eyeworks – Madrid

Time Lapses for the opening titles of the show “¿Quién quiere casarse con mi hijo?” (watch demo)

Scalextric / Making Off – Barcelona

Director of photography for the Scalextric commercial (watch demo) 

Corredors de fons / Frame Zero – Barcelona

Director of photography for the documentary directed by Isabel Fernandez about immigrant teenagers (watch demo)

 Nada es imposible / Making Off – Barcelona

Director of photography for the commercial (watch demo)

 HBO – Barcelona

Freelance Cameraman for the show about Spanish Tennis (watch demo)

 Telefónica – Mediapro – Barcelona

Time Lapse for the opening video of the new building of the telephone company (watch demo)

 Homes from hell – ITV UK

Cameraman for the show about british people who buy their ideal homes in Spain but they are actually ruinous. (watch demo)



 Cuatro / Pulso – Barcelona

Freelance Cameraman for the show “El Cirujano” (watch demo).

 Grifols / Making – Los Angeles – Texas – Houston – Rotterdam – Barcelona.

Director of Photography for the drama documentary. (watch demo).

 Ambi Pur / Smile Films – Barcelona

Director of Photography for the commercial. (watch demo).

 La Caixa / Frame Zero – España

Director of Photography for the social work foundation of “La Caixa” bank (watch demo).

 Canal Digital / Infometeo – Barcelona

Director of Photography for TV station time lapse commercials for winter and spring season.

ZDF/ Crew in Motion – Valencia

Correspondent in Spain for the German TV

TV3 / Frame Zero – Barcelona

Cameraman for the documentary “El fill de son pare” Directed by Isabel Fernández and awarded at the Europe awards in Berlin (Info. Award).

Cuatro / Pulso – Barcelona

Freelance Cameraman for the documentary “Bagdad” A project about the famous live porn shows in Barcelona.



 UEFA/ Icon International – Barcelona

Correspondent in Barcelona since 2007 as Lighting Cameraman for UEFA.

VUSIC/ Icon International – NYC

Director of Photography for the startup of a new production company.

Canal + – Barcelona

Lighting Cameraman for the documentary series “De Par en Par”.

Documental about relevant spanish personalities of different fields, organized in versus: musician vs football player, politician vs film director…

Icon International – Libya

Director of Photography and field director for the documentary “Mar de dunas”. To escape of the routine a group of people challenge themselves, attempting to cross the Awari desert in three weeks, one of the most difficult and beautiful parts of the Libyan Sahara.


 Ghd.tv / Icon International – Barcelona / UK

DP for GHD.tv. GHD.tv is an internet fashion TV. The roll involves the development of the GHD.tv look. Paris fashion week and London were two of the first locations to cover.

UEFA / Icon International – Switzerland

Correspondent for the UEFA in Barcelona.

Barbera Prod – Barcelona

Freelance Cameraman for Bancaja Bank’s commercial.

JDL Films / Icon International – Australia

Camera operator for theatre live shows “Bollywood the show” (shot in Barcelona) and the last concert of “Buena vista Social Club” (Shot in Munich), screened on cinemas all over the world.

Barbera Prod / Magnum – Barcelona

Lighting Cameraman for the show shot in Cannes hosted by Eva Longoria and Boris Izaguirre.

Icon International / 888.com- Barcelona / UK

Camera operator for the live poker tournament at the Peralada Castle. The price was one million dollars and it was sponsored by 888.com, broadcast worldwide



ZDF – Germany

Director of Photography for the documentary “The Net”, shot all over USA (Washington, Boston, New Orleans, North Carolina, L.A and San Francisco). Documentary about grass roots movements, focused in people who are trying to change the American system politically, sociologically, ecologically etc. It was aired on ZDF (German television) prime time.

Desire (CCCB) – Barcelona

Director of Photography for the film “Desire”. An experimental film for the CCCB, The Modern Art Museum of Barcelona.

Modjo HDTV / Icon International – USA

Camera operator for the American on line reality show “Wall Street Warriors”.

Digital+ – Finland

Director for the documentary about the World championship of fly fishing. I produced and directed the documentary shot in Finland for the Spanish TV station “Caza y Pesca”

Primer Domingo de Mayo – Valencia

16mm Camera Operador for the feature film “Primer Domingo de Mayo”. Directed by Iñaki Antuñano.

Barbera Prod – Barcelona

Camera Operator for the commercial of MANGO, fashion brand.

ORF – Austria

Camera operator for report about contemporary Catalan literature for the show “LES ART” air on ORF (Austrian TV)

Movistar / Barbera Prod – Barcelona

Camera Operator for the season of TV promotions 2007.

CBS (Mark Burnett) – USA (L. A.)

Camera operator for the first season of “Pirate Master”. Reality show shot in Dominica-Caribbean and aired on CBS Prime time. The contestants had to live in a Spanish Galleon, find treasures along the island and surpass the challenges to get 1.000.000$ price.


National Geographic – London

Lighting cameraman. “Seconds from the disaster”. (National Geographic Documentary series)

KTV – Portugal

Direction and camera for a documentary about the performance of the fly-fishing South African team at the world championship in Portugal’06.

Wildfly – Portugal

Direction and camera for a 20min documentary about the performance of the fly-fishing South African team at the world championship in Portugal. The doc was aired on KTV.

Survivor – CBS (Mark Burnett) – USA (L. A.)

Camera operator for the American version of the Emmy nominated Prime Time reality show Survivor for three seasons (S.11 Guatemala, S.12 Panama and S.13 Cook Islands). I had been shooting on location, working in extremely hard conditions in the jungle, in islands in the tropical rainy season, shooting underwater, with infrared camera-lights and with the latest technology.

 Chump Films– London

Camera operator in “Tony”, a short film directed by Gerard Johnson shot hand held-doc style.



The Play Room – Europe

Freelance Cameraman. Corporate for NATRA shot on location in France, Spain, Switzerland and England.

Fun Box – Frequency Distribution – London

Cameraman. “Just for laughs” humoristic show. Shot in central London with actors and actresses in funny situations.

BSV – London

Direction and camera for a promotion video for Spanish band “PRESUNTOS IMPLICADOS”.


2000 – 2004

 Mediapro (Eumovil-Mediamovil) – Madrid – Barcelona                     

Human resources coordinator (Cameramen, Sound tech and AC’s ) in Valencia for Eumovil and Mediamovil (national and international broadcast units for: CANAL+ (ACB League), VIA DIGITAL (Champions League), CANARY ISLANDS TV, CASTILLA LA MANCHA TV, CANAL 9). Camera operator at different events and sports (Basketball , Football, Bullfight, etc)

Camera operator. HD unit, live football for U.S.A.

 2002 – 2004

Medusa Producciones – Valencia

76 documentaries as a Lighting Cameraman. Weekly TV show called “De Prop” for Punt 2 (Canal 9), shot in many villages along Valencia.


 Boomerang / Createle – Valencia

Lighting Cameraman. “Boda en 48 horas”, prime time reality show screened on Canal 9. Weddings reality show.

ATM Broadcast – Valencia

Lighting Cameraman for the TV program “Voluntary” air on TVE (Spanish public TV) shooting news, reports and interviews along the Spanish east coast.

Naranja Productions – Valencia

Lighting Cameraman for the five episodes of “La nostra passió”. Canal 9.

2003 – 2004

 Auriba – Valencia

Cameramen Coordinator for “Auriba news” news agency. Organizing and shooting news and reports for Spanish national tv stations: TVE, Canal 9, Antena 3, Valencia Teve, Televalencia.

2001 – 2004

Naranja Productions – Valencia

Lighting – Cameraman. “Trinquet” Sport show for Punt 2 (Canal 9).

1998 – 2000

Procono TV – Valencia

Trainee as cameraman and Sound Technician for news. Covering all type of events such as press conferences, conferences, debates, exhibitions, concerts, etc.


1999 Specialist Technician in Sound and Image. “La Marxadella” Valencia, Spain


2005 – Advance diving licence.

2004 – English course in ABC School, London.

2004 – Video Editor Course (Avid Xpress) at SGAE in Valencia, Spain.

2001 – Professional Sound Course at DUETTO School in Valencia, Spain

2000 – Digital retouching course on (Photoshop) in SYSTEM Valencia, Spain.


Fluent English, Spanish Native and Catalan.


Extensive experience in Windows, Mac and as Internet user.

Ease AfterEffects, Final cut, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Sound Forge.


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